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FLARE- NEW iphone and ipod DJ APP

2009-08-19 07:57:37 by lukedubs


Just wanted to let all the folk down here know about FLARE, a brand new scratch APP that transforms your IPHONE and IPOD TOUCH into a high-torque virtual turntable! If you've ever dreamed about scratching up your pop's record collection or wanted to learn the in's and out's of turntablism but couldn't afford all the gear, we have the answer!

I am a co-creator of FLARE and i handle all the music and sound design. I handpicked all the samples that you can scratch in the APP, and i composed the loops that you can scratch over on my DS-10, chiptune style! With FLARE, you can also upload your own sounds to scratch via wifi if there's a certain sound you just have to scratch.

FLARE will be an ongoing project for us, i will be uploading more loops to scratch over shortly after release and V2 is already in the works which will have some amazing new features. I'm excited about the possibilities of FLARE and we will be encouraging people to share their own cuts on our website, once it is online.

FLARE is currently going through the approval process at APPLE HQ and will hopefully be hitting the APP store in a couple of weeks. If you are interested in FLARE feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, where we will be constantly updating and letting everyone know of FLARE'S movements!

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luke dubs RATCH/119583142421?ref=ts

FLARE- NEW iphone and ipod DJ APP


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